Our laboratory uses state of the art equipment and software in a temperature controlled environment. We use one of the industry’s best high accuracy digital analog scanning head (SP600M), which allows us to provide your company with cost effective, fast and accurate service around the clock. Our clear and concise inspection reports are user friendly, using “Road Maps” to understand Dimensional CMM and 3D graphical reports.

Dimensional Part Inspection:

First we serialize each dimension (balloon) then we create a CMM program, once the dimensional data is collected we build a dimensional results form that compares the actual reading with nominal dimension and tolerance, along with easy to understand inspection report and detailed 3D graphical road maps you’ll receive a ISO-17025 Certificate, We provide Inspection of Stamping parts, Machining parts, Plastic parts, Casting parts, Tubing, Assemblies and etc., We can do it using drawing only or by using CAD model and drawing.

Checking Fixtures:

Zira Metrology will verify your Variable, Attribute Checking Fixtures or CMM holding fixtures and will issue an ISO-17025 Certificate, any Checking Fixtures need to be verified before initial use and at least once a year, after approval of the fixture we can provide Gauge R&R

Gauge R&R:

We provide Gauge R&R studies on checking fixtures

There are two important aspects of a Gauge R&R:

  • Repeatability: The variation in measurements taken by a single person or instrument on the same or replicate item and under the same conditions.
  • Reproducibility: the variation induced when different operators, instruments, or laboratories measure the same or replicate specimen.

It is important to understand the difference between accuracy and precision to understand the purpose of Gauge R&R. Gauge R&R addresses only the precision of a measurement system.

3D Scanning:

We use our Digital Analog High Accuracy SP600M for 3D scanning, collected 3D data is useful for a wide variety of applications.
3D scanning is particularly important where non-prismatic, free-form, complex or organic geometry exists. We will measure any shape and compare it to the CAD model and provide you with a report and a 3D road map and graphical comparison to a CAD model.

Dies, Moulds and Tooling Inspection:

We measure Dies, Mould and Tools for pre-production inspection and for tool verification or change.
By getting the proper tool for production you save time and money.

Prototype Inspection:

This type of project or process is experimental in nature and using our CMM and expertise we can make prototype more efficient and precise.

Reverse Engineering:

Pre-production tooling inspection and tool rework verification. If you have a part and you don’t have any information about it and you want to produce it, we can help you out by measuring and scanning the part. We can provide you with data that will be used to build and reproduce the part.

Statistical Process Capability (SPC):

If you run mass production and want to know how good is your process and tooling, SPC study can provide you lots of benefits. We use state of the art SPC software that can provide you with all the necessary tools to see how accurate your process is. Using QC CALC software we can provide you with charts, histograms, process capability (PPK/CPK) and any other SPC tools

3rd Part Independent Laboratory Inspection:

Occasionally disputes arise between the supplier and customer. Right or wrong we will get to the root of the problem. Our inspection is performed by highly professional and experienced staff that will present you with the most accurate and detailed reports and road maps. The results are easy to read and will enable you to resolve your dispute quickly and effectively.

Contract Off-line and on site CMM Programming:

If you provide us with a CAD model and drawing we can write for you a CMM program that can be easily installed and used on your CMM. Our customers In Europe, U.S.A and China use our programs and are very happy with this service.

Constant Contact CMM Inspection using SP600M digital analog probe:

Using our High accuracy Digital Analog SP600M Renishaw head we can perform constant contact inspection on very complicated parts, it will be faster and more accurate than using traditional TP 20 head.